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Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Albany Lodge is your headquarters for summer and fall fun.  Albany is located just miles from great fishing, sight seeing, and abundant wildlife. We have many superb lakes, perfect for fishing and camping.  Two of the most popular, Rob Roy Reservoir and Lake Owen, are just minutes away from the lodge, but there are other hidden gems as well.  The area is accesible by vehicle in the summer after the snow melts.  There is no better way to experience the Snowy Range and all it has to offer than with an ATV or UTV.  You can rent either from us or bring your own ride.  ORV and fishing permits are available at the lodge.  There are over five hundred miles of roads and trails to explore ranging from wide gravel roads to gnarly two tracks.  Whether you enjoy hitting a mudhole or going over a rocky terrain, the Snowies are your ORV destination.  Trail Map


There are more activities to do in the Medicine Bow National Forest than just riding on the ORV trails.  For the fishermen of all ages, the oppurtunities to drop a line in the water abound in the Snowies.  One can fly fish the mountain streams, boat across the high altitude lakes and reservoirs, and fish the shores of the mighty Platte River.  For those looking for a more physical adventure, there are plenty of places for hiking and mountain biking, with trails along the creeks and peaks of the range.  The fall is the time of the hunter.  Elk, moose, deer, pronghorn, mountain lion, and bear are all choices for your hunting permit.  If you are into photography, you will love the area.  Whether it's blue skys and rugged peaks, moose wading through pristine marshes, or the fall colors as the aspens change, the range is a haven for both the amature and professional photographer.  


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ATV Rentals

You can bring your own ATV or rent one from us.  The trails start right from our front doors to your summer mountain adventure.  This years lineup of ATVs and UTVs include both one and two person Arctic Cat Alterra ATVs as well as the very popular two person Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport side by sides.  Both the Alterra 500s and Wildcats are brand new, 2018 machines.  If you're interested in purchasing an ATV/UTV, we do sell our rental fleet at the end of the season.  This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up a well maintained machine at greatly reduced costs.  ATV Rentals